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MADRIX Plexus V3 (2x512 DMX Universe) ARTNET Node USB 2.0 DMX512 Interface





Hardware Unit   Remote Control App









MADRIX PLEXUS is the next-generation live or stand-alone interface.

The MADRIX software license for 1024 DMX channels is already included.

Made in Germany.






Product Overview

The MADRIX PLEXUS controls up to 2 universes via DMX512 or Art-Net as a versatile stand-alone interface or live controller.
It is the first and only interface to offer stand-alone playback of MADRIX light shows and effects.


Live Mode
Fully control 1024 DMX channels via MADRIX and use 2x DMX-OUT, 2x DMX-IN, 1x DMX-OUT and 1x DMX-IN, or Art-Net. The USB or Ethernet port can be used for live mode.


Master-Slave Synchronization & Scalability
Simply connect multiple devices at the same time. A master interface can be set up to synchronize the LED installation across all DMX universes.


Extension Port
The versatile 15-pin serial port offers enhanced connectivity towards external analog or digital devices and therefore maximum flexibility.


Quality Design
The precision aluminum enclosure, NEUTRIK plugs, and other excellent components ensure High Availability and reliability.


USB 2.0 Standard
Support of the USB 2.0 standard provides professional features such as Power over USB, Hot Swapping, and Plug and Play.


• 1x RJ45 Ethernet Port
• 1x Extension Port
• 1x SD Card Slot
• 1x USB Port


Stand-Alone Mode
The built-in slot for SD or SDHC cards allows to run sophisticated light shows without the need for a computer. A MADRIX PC is only required to preprogram the shows.


MADRIX Software Integration
The PLEXUS hardware and the MADRIX software form 
a unique bundle. This powerful combination works directly out of the box.


Event Scheduler
Easily run automatic scenes off the SD card with the help of the internal clock and time-controlled shows.



Innovative Handling
The large backlit 3" LCD graphics display and 5 accessible control buttons make it really easy to manage and set up the device.


Kensington Security Slot
Secure each MADRIX PLEXUS using the standard of portable security.


Package Contents
• 2 GB SD card
• USB Power Supply, USB Cable 
And World Power Plug Adapters Kit







New Major Features Since Product Launch

  • Sunrise and Sunset Timers:
    Added Location (Geo Coordinates) to automatically calculate sunrise and sunset timers
    as an option for time-controlled shows.
  • New language options:
    Added German and Spanish as additional menu language of the device.
  • Remote Control:
    Various options to directly control the device remotely via DMX-IN or Art-Net.



MADRIX 3.X Minimum System Requirements
  • 2.0 GHz dual-core CPU
  • OpenGL 2.0 graphics card
    (NVIDIA recommended)
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 GB free harddisk space
  • 1280 x 768 screen resolution
  • Sound card
  • Network card
  • USB 2.0
  MADRIX 3.X Supported Operating Systems
  • Microsoft® Windows® Vista
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7
  • Microsoft® Windows® 8
  • Microsoft® Windows® 8.1
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10
  • Compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit


Key Features of MADRIX 3


To give you an overview, we have summarized key features of MADRIX 3 here:



Supported Operating Systems: 
• Microsoft® Windows® Vista 
• Microsoft® Windows® 7 
• Microsoft® Windows® 8 
• Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 
• Microsoft® Windows® 10 
• Compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit


Minimum System Requirements:

• 2.0 GHz dual-core CPU
• OpenGL 2.0 graphics card 
(NVIDIA recommended)
• 2 GB RAM
• 1 GB free harddisk space
• 1280 x 768 screen resolution
• Network card
• Sound card
• USB 2.0


Learn about the optimal system requirements for MADRIX 3 software here




User Interface Languages


MADRIX 3 Software


MADRIX 3 Fixture Editor


- English
- Spanish (Español)
- French (Français)
- Simplified Chinese (简体中文)

- English
- German (Deutsch)
- Spanish (Español)
- French (Français)
- Simplified Chinese (简体中文)





Feature Overview


Main Features


Secondary Features

> LED Lighting Control Solution
> Effect Generator, Pixel Mapper, Media Server
> For LJs, VJs, and Other Lighting Professionals / Enthusiasts
> Up to 256 DMX Universes or more

> Real-Time Audio Analysis (WDM or ASIO)
> Real-Time Effect Processing
> Real-Time Previews
> 2 Effect Pipelines

> Windows® Software
> High Program Stability & Reliability
> Possibility to Upgrade
> Test Version for Free!

> Fixture Editor & Large Fixture Library
> Graphical Patch Editor
> Graphical Mapping Function
> Powerful Script Engine & Macro Editor

> Support of Industry Standards & Protocols
> DMX512, Art-Net II, Streaming ACN, DVI, T9
> Philips Color Kinetics, Insta, ROBE protocols
> Art-Net Remote, DMX-IN, MIDI-IN, Remote HTTP

> Integrated Backup System
> Extra Touch Screen Window
> Various DMX Tools
> Cue List with MIDI Time Code (MTC)

Innovative Matrix Control
User Friendliness & Usability
> Many Supported Interfaces
> Unique Visual Effects

> Video Support and Live Signal Capturing
> Image Animations
> Multilayer Technology
> Frequency Analysis, etc.




Universal Flexibility

LEDs have become a major highlight in today‘s illumination and entertainment industries and for any lighting enthusiast. The MADRIX software can produce a complete LED light show from a normal computer or laptop. It can drive tens of thousands of LEDs without problems. This powerful controller will not only allow you to control nearly any 2D LED display in every possible way, but real 3D LED applications as well. This makes it the ideal solution for your LED project.




MADRIX Packshot

Easy Control

MADRIX software is very easy to use. Still, it provides many advanced features you would not want to miss. The numerous possibilities and the intuitive user interface are easily accessible and will allow you to produce amazing results right from the start. This software delivers high quality while meeting your individual requirements. At the same time, it simplifies the process of working with your LED installation. You can also control the MADRIX software remotely or via Touch Screen.



  MADRIX Faderbox and ColorPicker

Endless Creativity And Audio-Based Effects

MADRIX software features a state-of-the-art audio analysis. It can process any live audio signal and create stunning real-time lighting visuals. These live effects will create a light show that runs in sync with your music. And thanks to the integrated effects generator, you can also create many lighting patterns without audio input. On top, you will find an unprecedented level of customization available for all visuals. Creating stunning light effects has never been easier.



  MADRIX Equalizer

Powerful Features

MADRIX software is a highly productive LED lighting control suite, pixel mapper, and voxel mapper. Cutting- edge technologies provide you with all the tools you need for modern LED control. Industry-wide protocols and standards, such as DMX512, Art-Net, Streaming ACN (sACN / E1.31), Philips Color Kinetics (KiNET), DVI, T9, 5A, Insta/ROBE protocols, MIDI, Remote HTTP, Art-Net Remote, CITP, ASIO, Time Code, and many more are quickly and easily available to you.


DMX512 Logo

Art-Net Logo

Streaming ACN Logo
ColorKinetics Logo Insta Logo Robe Lighting Logo

DVI Logo

T9 Logo







Pixel Mapping

MADRIX software allows you to quickly produce extraordinary live visuals. You can easily bring creative and diverse lighting effects to any LED installation. MADRIX software makes it possible to control numerous LED fixtures, also of different kinds, and to position them according to your needs in nearly any form or shape. You can map pixel by pixel and achieve pixel-perfect results, even with the lowest of pixel resolutions.





Voxel Mapping

On top, the MADRIX software provides a leading-edge feature set to fully control real 3D LED matrices. In addition to its pixel mapping and media server capabilities, MADRIX software supports volume rendering (voxel mapping). This approach is fundamentally different to the 3D projections or the physical layout of 2D surface areas that are widely known nowadays. It makes state-of- the-art installations a reality.



2D & 3D


Pixel And Voxel Mapping

MADRIX software is highly versatile and will help you to get the most out of modern LED technology. You can combine any 2D project with 3D elements in order to create even more spectacular attractions for your audience, customers, and clients. The MADRIX software is a powerful tool that will help you realize the projects you want to build. MADRIX lighting control solutions certainly take your LED display to the next level.




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